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Small bunker at Framneslia, Narvik, with view of the harbor area. Photo: Chris Petrich

Small bunker with iron ore ship waiting in Narvik harbor.


The WW2 bunker map at shows the location of relicts of defense-related structures built around 1939-1945 in the region around Narvik, Norway: bunkers, tunnels, battle stations, barraks. Almost all of them were built by German forces and were part of the Atlantic Wall, the defense of the iron ore port city of Narvik, Festung Narvik, or defense of infrastructure at Bogen or Skjomen. For the purpose of this page the region around Narvik is anything east of Lødingen, i.e. essentially the area of the Artilleriegruppe Narvik HKAA III/973, comprising HKB 31/973 Evenestangen, HKB 32/973 Tjelneset, HKB 33/973 Öyjordneset, HKB 34/973 Rombakken, HKB 35/973 Saltvikneset, HKB 36/973 (MKB 3/511) Framnes, HKB 37/973 Ramnes, and MKB 2/516 Ramstad, and also MKB 6/516 Korshamn (Korshavn)/Porsøy (Porsöy) which belonged to Artilleriegruppe Ofotfjord. The focus is on installations that were used beyond June 1940. While the map is quite incomplete, it gives already a general idea of the type of installations and their locations.

Author: Chris Petrich, 7 August 2021

I live in Narvik and put this web site together as a first attempt to making sense of the ruins around me. My vision would be something like the trail guide of Evenestangen.

See also my opinionated summary of what I found.


Sources are own observations and photos unless otherwise noted, i.e. there is no authoritive information on this site. Coordinates were determined during site visits and refined with reference to a map whenever possible (e.g., There is still a lot missing, and some features have nothing to do with WW2. A file containing all coordinates is availabe at

How did I find what I found? (a) look left and right (b) games (Ingress, Geocaching), (c) forum posts (, (d) go to places on a hunch, (e) looking at maps (,,, (f) pointers. Much appreciate specific pointers of Ingeborg Sandvik, Megan O’Sadnick, Tor Arne Ingebrigtsen, Kjell Kuraas, Merete Bolstad, Thomas Hegghammer, Vidar Andreassen, and Finn-Jøran Pedersen, and comments from kystfort forum members Vevang and Natter.


Note that features on the map may not be publicly accessible or may be unsafe to access.


Information of general nature is probably best shared on the Kystfort forum. Feedback on this map specifically or contributions are appreciated through the GitHub Issue tracker or by email (

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